"I honestly wish I could write my tax check to Rebecca with how much she's been able to help me optimize my business."

Rebecca has been my virtual assistant with my Real Estate company for many years. She's efficient, fair, knowledgeable and I trust her completely. She has worked on my web site, cleaned up my listing's web sites and organized and sent out my monthly newsletters. Plus numerous other tasks. She is very willing to please me and is helpful in so many different ways. I truly don't know what I'd do without her. I'd recommend Rebecca Anne to any colleague or friend.

Rebecca is one of the most efficient, communicative, and downright enjoyable VA's with whom I've had the pleasure of working. I've interfaced with her both when I've hired her myself to help with large event management and on an on-going basis, as she oversees my article submissions to a site other than my own. In both instances, she is and has been friendly, kind, efficient, and totally on top of things (even when I'm not). I look forward to working with her for years to come and recommend her services without hesitation.

There are a dozen reasons why I blog. Rebecca is 10 of them. Without her technical support, my site would look bland and outdated. Whenever I feel like I'm stuck in a blogging rut, I summon Rebecca's help and she immediately leaps into action.

As a journalist and photographer, I'm well trained in the art of procrastination. Rebecca is not. She happily addresses all my picayune website issues and she never seems to get stumped. She so quickly remedies my code woes –– usually late at night –– that I wonder if she ever sleeps. Even if there's something she can't do right out of the gate, she'll research solutions and within 24 hours I'll get an email that says, "How does the site look now?" She is my secret weapon.

Over the course of the last six years, Rebecca has helped me transition from Blogger to Wordpress. I'm notoriously resistant when it comes to technology, so transitioning from a basic blogging service to a highly customizable platform with a myriad of templates seemed daunting. She made the process painless and fun. Since then, she's helped redesign my site twice and launch a second site to showcase my professional portfolio.

I'm so grateful for her continued expertise. Without her in my back pocket, I'd be stuck writing posts the old fashioned way: in a journal by my bed.